A brief introduction to the Forces Connect South East – Veterans Hubs Project

A brief introduction to the Forces Connect South East – Veterans Hubs Project or Veterans Hubs for Short.

The Veterans Hubs project will run for two years from May 2018 and its purpose is to enhance local veterans’ support through identifying need and current provision, developing best practice and enhancing the current offer through potential new hubs.

This will be achieved through 3 Key Outcomes:

  1. Complete a needs and gap analysis.
  2. Create a Best Practice Guide to develop sustainable services (Hubs) alongside ASDIC.
  3. Roll out Best Practice and develop locally tailored services based on identified need. 

Our Methodology will be to:

      • Build relationships with current Hubs, ASDIC, Veterans Gateway, Military Units, local councils and service providers.
      • Provide knowledge and deliver training based on best practice to current and new Hubs enabling them to grow and/or become self-sustaining.
      • Case studies.
      • Academic evaluation.
      • Regular reporting.

We will achieved this through targeted questionnaires, site visits and joint working supporting the original FCSE objectives. Plus we will bring in academic rigour. The outcome of rolling out best practices will show scalable benefits, making effective hubs replicable and self-sustaining. We aim to make this cost effective through training and robust recording.

Do have a look at our FAQ’s and feel free to join the conversation on twitter @SimpleIsntIt , facebook www.facebook.com/SMPLSols/ and by email to contact@smpl.org.uk 




What is a Veterans Hub?

Well its a cover title for all the drop-ins, meetings, breakfast clubs and others that provide more than simply a social function. IE provide help and support, are organised and managed to the benefit of veterans and add to the amenity of their local community.  

What does ASDIC stand for? 

ASDIC is the Association of ex-Service Drop In Centres whose website The main purpose of this website is to provide a directory of ASDIC Drop-Ins so thatVeterans and their families can decide the best Drop-In to visit Drop-Ins and the organisations that support them can see where they all are and what they do, so that they can work together and give the best possible service to those who need their help. 

The ASDIC website asdic.org.uk also gives details of each drop-in and explains how ASDIC is organised.

(ASDIC was also an early form of sonar used to detect submarines.)

What is Forces Connect South East?

The Forces Connect South East project is a cross-border partnership intended to promote a greater understanding and awareness of the issues affecting the Armed Forces Community within public authorities and to embed and mainstream the delivery of the Armed Forces Covenant across the South East.

Where does the Hubs Project Cover? 

Surrey, Kent, East Sussex and West Sussex County Councils, Brighton and Hove, Medway Councils and Sussex NHS.

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