A Uni”Form” Of Honour

I have to admit my sense of humour can be a little difficult to understand at times.  Put it this way – it took someone a few minutes to work out what I meant when I informed them that something ‘served a “Ronseal” function’ (in this case I meant that it did “exactly what it said on the tin”).

However, there are times when even I find things too twisted for words.

For example – take the baseball caps the Police are now being issued with in place of their helmets or flat hats.

If you would like to read my full thoughts on this crime against a Police Uniform please click here – The Meaning Of A Uniform

I know that uniforms are supposed to include some aspect to make them comfortable to be worn for long periods of time.  However, is it really necessary to sacrifice Smartness for comfort???  I can only think of one uniform which has been changed for the better by people who do not wear it – and that is the one worn by the Brownies (I can still remember the horrible brown dress I used to have to wear as a Brownie).

If people are no longer allowed to take pride in their uniform – how can we expect them to take pride in their work for no other reason that they are doing a good job in difficult circumstances???

Bring back the smart hats.


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