And Now For Something Slightly Different

Up until now I have kept the blogging I do on here more directed towards things which could be useful in a “Business” setting – or more about me and my life.

I am going to try something a bit different today.  This was inspired by a conversation I had with someone on Friday (I will put a link to the blog post which resulted from that conversation near the end) and by the fact it is “Mental Health Week” this week.

What you may not know is that not only have I had time off work in my last job due to depression but one of my friends happens to be a retired Clinical Psychologist.

You could say that I have an interest in Mental Health (some of my friends have Mental Health issues) and I am fascinated by the differences and similarities in attitudes people have to Mental Health and Physical Disabilities.

If you have had a dig around in my personal blog you may have come across Mental And Physical Health Portrayals In Soaps which tackles that exact subject.

However, the conversation I had on Friday was a kind of flip side to the same subject.  It was more connected with attempting to educate people about how Mental Health issues and Physical Disabilities affect the person themself.  After all, you cannot expect people to have the same experiences as you.  I know how my sight affects me but I have learned to ration that information on a strict “Need to Know” basis.  (Nobody would be prepared to sit down for a very confusing lecture on exactly how my sight affects me – they would be mummified corpses by the time I had finished expanding on every little detail.)

Have a read of this blog post and see whether you agree with it – How Can You Give Someone Else Your Experiences??? (Or – We Are One But We Will NEVER Be The Same)

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