Welcome To Our Newest Team Member

If you have taken a look at the “About Us” section of this website you will have noticed a new name and Profile photo has appeared as part of the team.  So I thought I had better introduce myself.

My name is Ineke Poultney and I am a Blogger with a background in Administration.  My rather unusual first name stems from the fact that I am half-Dutch.  That combined with the fact I am Registered Partially Sighted has given me a rather “sideways” view of life.

As you can possibly imagine – I am passionate Equal Opportunities and Disability (particularly regardin educating people about sight problems).

So, what can you expect from me???  Well, you have had a couple of “sneak previews” already – but I hope to give you interesting content to read.

If you like the posts I put on here (and you want to find out more about me) please visit  my personal blog at Inkyworld.

I really hope you enjoy reading my writings on here

Whoops Wi-Fi Outage

Today (Sunday 14th) workmen fixing a power outage to other properties were tracing underground power cables on the SMPL premises when they severed the fibre-optic cable serving the team. This has led to issues in replying to emails, posing updates and so on.

Please accept our apologies, a ‘work-around’ has been achieved but a more permanent repair will need to be put in place.



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