Does Life Imitate Art Or Is Life Actually Art Itself?

I have been to a couple of “Arty” places over the past few days.

The first place I went to left me with the major question above.

“Art” is a word which can be used as a kind of catch all – from the highbrow stuff you see in places like the National Art Gallery to the stuff you are more likely to see in a “Pop-up” Gallery.

My eyes have a rather interesting habit of presenting me with pictures which (whilst they bear some relation to the reality which everybody else lives in) are not exactly what the rest of the world sees.

For example – if you are standing in a bus stop in front of a backlit sign you may appear to be part of the poster at first until either you or I move to a slightly different angle.

My favourite images which my eyes have presented me with are the “Snake Toy” mentioned in the blog post in the link (it is actually a staircase – but how the light and shade have combined makes it look like one of those bendy, twisty, snake toys when laid flat), and the “Charles Street Spoon”.  In reality the “Charles Street Spoon” was a streetlight which – when seen from above – looked to me like a rather large spoon.  It looked the same from ground level but I was looking into the “bowl” of it then.

As you will learn from following this link – Art As A Concept And As Life Itself – My taste in “Art” runs more towards the “Human” aspect of it.  I prefer seeing “Art” I can relate to and interact with.

What is “Art” without the injection of human emotion and experience? Just some two or three dimensional object without a soul

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