Feed Bellies Not Bins (And Help The Disadvantaged Whilst You Are Enjoying “Real” Junk Food)

I have already introduced you to one charity I am involved with.  Now I am going to introduce you to the other one.  This is rather topical with the news story about Tesco agreeing to send their food which they cannot legally sell (due to being past its Best Before date) to charity – instead of throwing it into landfill.  (I won’t bore you with the statistics about the amlunt of perfectly wholesome food which gets wasted.)

If you follow me on Twitter (@Inkyworld) you will have noticed I tweet photos of menus every Thursday evening?  You are probably wondering why I do that?

Well, I volunteer for a charity called “The Real Junkfood Project” here in Leicester.

I found out about this project through LCiL – when they provided delicious food for one of the events I attended which was held at the LCiL building.

The Real Junkfood Project is the exact opposite of McDonals, Burger King, etc.

The “Junkfood ” is food which has reached its Best Before date but is still perfectly wholesome.

The Real Junkfood Project collects this from various places and either distributes it to homeless people, etc, or cook it up themselves into delicious meals which are served at the “Pay As You Feel” cafe I attend on Thursday evenings.  The Leicester “Pay As You Feel” Cafe also has some food which you can take home and cook yourself.  Good if you are on a low budget.

If you want to find a “Pay As You Feel” Cafe near you please visit The Real Junkfood Project.  If tere is not one near you please look into setting up one yourself.

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