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Creating a veterans hub or drop-in can be a rewarding experience as many Hubs around the country will tell you. Helping our military veterans is a privilege. Yet setting up such an organisation requires a little thought and care if it is to be sustainable in the long term.

The first question you may well ask is – who is the hub for? Is it an extension of your own social activity or are you providing something more like help and advice to folk who find themselves in straightened circumstances?

Then you may ask what will it cost me? Its a demand on you not just just in time and money but in opportunity costs too. So you may want to run it with a team of supportive people.

Will running the hub require me to set up a charity? The answer is no, but if you do want to set up a charity the process can be quite lengthy and there are positives and negatives to consider.

Charity set up links:

If there other Hubs nearby they will probably be happy to give you support and advice? Can you work together adding value and diversity to the veterans community?


Our Guide to set up your own hub. See below for a link…

Who else is there to help you?

  • Remember you don’t need to be a registered Charity to fundraise, you could ask Hub members to contribute to the cost by donation or better still, speak to the Community Champion at your local Supermarket and they may provide tea, coffee and so on. 
  • Having a collection box at your events gives folk explicit permission to support you.

  • There are avenues to apply for funding too.  Some funds are quite complicated with lots of criteria to fulfil however there are some community orientated ones with simple application processes too. This list is not exhaustive.

  • A good way of identifying funding opportunities local to you is to contact your local volunteer centre  try this link 

well you can contact us direct by email at:

we look forward to your request.


Meanwhile here is the link to our tri-fold leaflet for you to download:

Setting up a Hub Tri v5 Setting up a Hub Tri v4