Individuality Should Be Cherished

If there is one thing you can definitely say about me it is that I am something of an “oddball”.  As in – I am not one of those people who you can put into a box very easily.  Put it this way – I think my parents might have made a shlight mistake when it came to choosing my first name.  Instead of spelling it “Ineke” I think they should either have spelled it “Uniek” (Dutch version) or “Unique” (English version).

I have got a tshirt which I wore at last year’s “Choice Unlimited” Roadshow in Leicester, which sums my feelings up perfectly.


We are all judged by our behaviour, our abilities, the way we speak, the wway we present ourselves to the rest of the world.  Whilst some of the judgements cannot be argued against – using foul language in the reception of your Company for example – others can be more of a “personal preference” judgement.  Or even a “lack of Education” judgement.

If you have seen the blog post where I talk about my old glasses (and you can see photographs of me wearing them) you may have taken a look at the photos and done what most people do when faced with someone wearing very thick lenses – judged me to be of limited intelligence.  I may not be anything like the most qualiied human you have ever met but I can hold my own in discussions on most topics.

Instead of judging people based on what you think you know of them and condemning them to a life of being seen as inferior in your opinion – please get to know them and cherish their individuality.  You never know when someone with experience of disability or anything else may just have the answer to your problem.

Life would be boring if we were all the same.

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