Inspirational People Questionnaire (Or – Learn A Bit More About Me)

This blog post is an edited version of a Questionnaire I did for the website of the church I attend.  You will see where the idea came from as you read through it.

1)        Let’s start by you telling us how you found out about Simple Solutions? (After all it is a bit daft me asking how I know myself, isn’t it?).

I found out about Simple Solutions as a result of getting in contact with Roger Nield on Twitter. How I ended up joining as a Blogger is slightly more of an interesting story. (If you have read my personal blog at – you will already know how I am not really one for doing what is “expected”.)

I had read the “About Us” page on the website and thought I might be able to add something to the Company.

So I sent Roger an email with information about myself (15 years’ experience of working in an office, having my own blog, being Registered Partially Sighted, and wanting to educate people about Disability). Attached to that was what turned out to be my first blog post for Simple Solutions (the Guidance for a Conference or Meeting).

The rest – as they say – is history.

2)        As this is about “Inspirational People” can you please tell me three people in your life who have inspired you and how they have done so (they can be teachers, colleagues, friends, etc)?

Ooh – this is an easy yet difficult question. If you have ever read my blog (where this idea came from) you will find that I have been inspired by a variety of people in a variety of ways – mostly through people showing kindness and generosity to others, standing up for what they consider to be correct, speaking out about injustice in whatever form it takes, enabling people to dream and not being afraid to show them it can be achieved, etc.

The three people who have inspired me the most in my life have all fulfilled the above criteria – in more ways than one. (Sorry – I find it difficult to be inspired by the Rich, Famous, and Powerful unless they have done something truly spectacular – OK, I could throw Sir Jackie Stewart into the mix but he is the only one.)

Anyway – I digress.

The most inspirational person in my life may sound like a cop out to you – but you can mock me all you want and I don’t care. Coby Poultney (my Mum) was stronger than I can ever hope to be. Let’s just say that the circumstances in the months after I was born were not ones I would wish on anybody (and I am seriously glad that she didn’t just give up and go back to Holland without me as a result). Not only that – but she stood up for what she believed in, she helped her friends. In fact, she told me she had a rule (which I try to live by) which was that if anybody was sad she would try to cheer them up and make them smile)

Next we have Steve Bowkett – ex-English Teacher extraordinaire. The surgeons might have kept me alive when I was a baby but this man not only kept me alive when I was around 12 years’ old – he showed me that daydreaming was good. Not only that but (apparently) you can make money out of it – if you write your daydreams down. I am still working on that one but he did encourage me in my writing both when I was in his class and ever since.

Last but by no means least (it really is a pity I had to put these two in any kind of order) we have Kristyna Myles. Musical talent combined with the steely determination to use her talent to promote her faith. Couple that with being so down-to-Earth and approachable – as well as the effect her music has on people in the way it touches their souls. Oh – and what I find really inspiring about her is her desire to shine a light on the injustice and inequality in the world.

3)        What qualities do you look for in a friend?

 Respect – most of all. The ability to have a debate with them or just sit in companionable silence. Honesty.

4)        How would your (other) friends describe you?

I hate this question when it appears in job interviews – I will answer it as I hope they would see me.

An oddball you can count on when the going gets tough. I will do almost anything (within reason) to help a friend in need. I do not judge until I know the full story. There is a rumour that I provide a very good “Sounding Board” service to humans in my circle of friends who want to rant and rave about things.

5)        Finally, please tell me something about you that I don’t already know (please make sure it is something you don’t mind sharing with the rest of the world)?

I may have a family connection (a long way back in my family) with a certain Crisp-advertising ex-Leicester City football player whose surname bears more than a slight resemblance to my first name.

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