Is Blogging An Artform???

This blog post is going to be a mix of an article I wrote for “Choice” magazine (and posted on my personal blog) with a bit extra at the end to bring it up to date.

I have to admit to feeling slightly puzzled by people’s responses when I tell them that I am a Blogger. This is usually because they seem to have this strange idea that I must be the world’s best writer, or the most eloquent and articulate person on the planet, in order to write a blog post (neither of which describe me).

Let’s face it – people have been “blogging” since before the internet was invented – they just called it “writing a diary”, or “Letters To The Editor”, or even “writing a shopping list”. None of the above need any kind of educational qualification (although – obviously – being able to write words is a good starting point).

Even though I started blogging as a “head emptying exercise” after being made redundant nearly 10 years ago – I now blog because I feel I am under-represented in the world we live in and I want to make myself heard in the general clamour for attention by the “normal, acceptable” people. Trust me – it is no fun feeling like you are in a “Minority of One” most of the time. I would also like to feel that I am able to teach people about my world as someone who (even though I don’t usually look it) is disabled – I am Registered Partially Sighted.

I suppose “Blogging” could be seen as falling between “Creative Writing” and “Journalism”.Both of these are an attempt to grab your attention and make you believe what you are reading. At the “professional” end of the scale of both “Creative Writing” and “Journalism” people get paid for what they write – but (in most cases) they try to avoid being the story themselves. “Blogging” works best when either you are the story yourself or you are passionate about an issue and you can write about that.

I prefer attempting to make other people think a little differently about Disability and Inequality – or anything and anybody else which inspires me when I am sat in front of my computer. (They do say “a word can paint a thousand pictures”.)

What I am trying to say is – we all have our own story to tell – be it personal or corporate.  Blogging can be seen as a way of introducing people to your Company – in addition to the “About Us” page.  The trick is to try to make your blog posts read as though you are talking to them one-to-one (yes – I do know how difficult that is).  It is your time to connect with your potential Customers.  If your website is the “window” to your Company then any blogging you have on your website should be seen as the doorway to get people in.

You don’t have to use “Corporate” language – in fact – I strongly advise you to stay away from jargon and acronyms which you need a PhD level knowledge of your business to understand.  Remember – you are trying to get people interested in who you are and what you do.

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