It Is Not Only The Road Conditions Or The Weather Conditions You Should Worry About…

The condition of your passengers should also be taken into consideration.

Allow me to explain.

I admit this concept is more aimed at Bus Drivers (please see Please Drive For The Condition of Your Passengers for further explanation) but I think it is something that all drivers could do with considering.

This is not a way of treating all car drivers as idiots (although – sometimes I do wonder if I would actually make a better driver than some of the apparently blind and/or deaf drivers on our roads).  I intend this to be more of a “brush up”.

We have all seen the advertisements and other information advising drivers to consider the condition of the weather as well as the roads – as well as the “Think Bike” campaign and the “Fatal 4 (or 5)” campaign run by various Police Forces.

The strange thing is that the condition of your passenger(s) is never mentioned.  Are they secured into their seats properly? Are they comfortable with your style of driving? Would they feel comfortable in warning you if they weren’t?  (Maybe that last question is more important than the other two.)

We have all been around idiots who failed to pay close enough attention to the road conditions, the applicable speed limit, and the car’s speedometer.

As summer fast approaches – please take extra care when you are driving around – both with and without passengers.  Remember – the aim of your journery should always be to “Arrive Alive”.

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