Just Because You Think It – Doesn’t Mean You Should Say It!

Unless you have spent the past week or two living in a cave deep underground you will have heard about David Cameron’s amazingly bad attempt at digging himself out of the hole created by his response to accusations of dodging the payment of Tax.

You will also know about the difference in the treatment recieved by Dennis Skinner when he referred to Mr Cameron as “Dodgy Dave” and Alan Duncan when he implied (or inferred) that everybody who is not as wealthy as he is is a “low achiever” who has “no idea about the real world”.

(If you want to read about my thoughts on the subject of the two MPs please see my personal blog.)

In my last job I worked for someone who made absolutely no secret of the fact he held almost everybody he came into contact with in the utmost contempt – colleagues, suppliers, even customers.

As you can imagine – this did not make for a pleasant working environment.

Whilst there are some remarks which you legally cannot and should not make about people (racial, sexual, disability discrimination, etc) – there are some comments which you are legally free to make but are highly inadvisable.

You may not realise it but – how you speak about people (as well as how you speak to them) can have a big impact on what they and everybody else thinks about you.

So – next time you want to badmouth a customer, supplier, colleague, someone in your private life, or even, a total stranger, think about the impact your words can have on how people see you.

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