Light Versus Dark (Or Why A Sunny Day May Not Work In My Favour)

I am probably going to shock you by saying this but I don’t like sunshine – or rather – my eyes don’t like it.  What I mean is – given the choice between wandering around outdoors in bright sunshine and sitting quietly indoors you will usually find me indoors.


Bright sunshine is one of the things which plays havoc with my Photophobia (or the sensitivity of my eyes to bright lights).

In order to combat this I wear transition lenses (what used to be known as “reactolites”).  These can take some time to revert to their normal clear appearance when I go into a dark space.  This means that I may appear to be breaking the interview “rule” of not wearing sunglasses.  Sorry but – given the choice between breaking some “rule” dreamt up by someone who probably had 20/20 vision (and no sensitivity to lights of any kind) and arriving at your office even more blinded and disoriented by the sun than I do even with my glasses on (not forgetting the accomanying eyeache and the headache) – the “rule” goes out of the window.

There is something which you can do to make my life a little easier – make sure your Reception area is moderately lit.  There is nothing worse than having to go from bright sunshine to either a Reception area which would make a brilliant place if you desired to interrogate me using bright lights, or, a Reception Area where I almost have to feel my way to the Reception Desk.

In extreme circumstances bright sunshine can cause me to go on what I call “Shutdown”.  This means that – instead of you seeing the nearest thing to a “normal” person I can be – you may find ourself looking at someone who has definitely got a serious sight problem and who doesn’t mind you knowing about it.  When that happens I just want to hide myself away.

So, maybe next time someone comes to a job interview or a meeting at your offices who is apparently wearing sunglasses you might not think they are being rude to you – they are trying to show you their best side under the circumstances.  If you are unsure – just ask.

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