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Every so often I decide to try to give you a taster of what life is like with a sight problem.  Most of the time I use the medium of words for this attempt – which even I hve difficulties with sometimes – so now I decided to try something a little different.  See what you think of this.

I have written before about some of the difficulties I have which may not be immediately obvious.  I have even put some photos on my blog posts in an attempt to show you some of them.

Anyway – this morning I was standing in my hallway looking out of my “crinkle cut” window (it reminds me of “McCoys Crinkle Cut Crisps” whenever I look out of it) and it gave me a brilliant idea for a puzzle for you to try to solve.

I want you to ignore the crinkle cut glass in the photos (I couldn’t be bothered attempting to get the camera as out-of-focus as it would have needed to be in order to take the photo properly for the desired effect – so I cheated by using the window) and tell me what you can see in the two photos below;

(In order for this to work properly you have to imagine the glass in flat – do not alter anything else in the photo.)

Your job is to work out what is in the photos.  I am not talking about the house – that would be far too easy – concentrate on the bit before the house.

In fact – looking at both photos you have still got it a lot easier than I would have if I was looking at it without my glasses on.  There are too many definite edges for the second one to really be as difficult as I thought it would be.  You may have a bit more difficulty with the second photo.

Ignoring my front garden (the only truly blurred bit on both photos) what can you see?  As in – can you see anything which might pose any kind of danger???

If your answer is “Yes you idiot – I can see a car on each photograph” give yourself a round of applause.  (I admit I was also hoping the lighter car would not have the sun on it so it would look slightly more blurred into the scenery.)

Good luck with attempting to work out which way the cars are travelling.

Of course – you may be able to see some other hazards in those photos which are not usually so obvious to those of you with 20/20 vision.  One of them is a hazard I face even with my glasses on my nose.

Have a look at the grey stuff nearest the house on the other side of the photo.  Does it look like it is on one level in both photos???  Or does it look more like there could be a difference in height in one photo???

The photo with the white car in it has got slightly more definition in it – this tells me that there is a kerb and a pavement .  The one with the red car in it looks more like the “pancake-flat” surface I am used to seeing when I encounter shallow steps or staircases.  In my world – for “shallow” please read “flat floor”.

(I am not joking when I say that I feel like walking around with a can of bright yellow paint so I can paint the edges of kerbs and steps, etc.)

This next photo is a bit more realistic – even though I did cheat slightly.  If I had taken it from the angle I originally wanted to use you would have been able to see the answer immediately.

Your puzzle is – can I get to the building on the other side of the darkest fence without having to attempt to climb over it??? Or is that fence blocking my way???

(A clue – If I had taken the photo from the angle I originally wanted my question would not have been about the fence.  It would have been about the distance between the fence and the van some idiot had parked behind it.)

I will leave you with another puzzle.  Even I know you will find these photos as frustrating as I did – you don’t need to have seriously bad sight to have a problem with this poster.

Have Arriva decided to allow their passengers to participate in darts or archery whilst the bus is moving???  Or am I supposed to realise there is some useful information on that poster???  Just looks like Target Practice to me!!!

Nope – Still can’t see it.  Now the sun is obscuring half of it anyway.

Apparently Arriva would like to inform their passengers of changes to the fares in Leicester and the surrounding area.  Good job I have got a Disabled bus pass because I would need to almost have my nose touching that poster in order to be able to read any further information on it.  And that is with my glasses on my nose.

I know that this blog post only gives you a very small taste of some of the difficulties I face on a day to day basis.

I hope to give you a bit more of an insight in future.

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