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Our Team are expert in providing

Project Management:

We are managing the OPCC for Surrey’s Vulnerable Veterans programme. The team will bring their expertise to bear on your project and help you to achieve your goals.

Risk Assessments and Policy:

SMPL provides comprehensive risk assessments to varied organisations. These include addressing the threat from fire, crime and terror risk assessments. The safety of the public your staff and visitors are our concern. We will work to mitigate your liability through minimising the risks faced by your business.

Our experienced team work alongside you to benchmark and then prepare specific, tailored emergency and incident plans.

We train your staff in their responsibilities and exercise your plans.

We also support you by providing documented policy advice.

Virtual Administration:

The SMPL organisation provides off-site administration to businesses and charitable organisations.

We provide:

  • Recruitment and selection.
  • Diary management.
  • Social media engagement.
  • Event planning.
  • Staff management plus real time status and availability.
  • Record keeping.
  • Bespoke services from the SMPL suite.


The team is highly experienced in debriefing incidents and identifying improvements  that will mitigate the risks to your organisation and reduce costs.

Our staff are highly skilled at interviewing staff and statement taking.


SMPL staff will coach and support you in your role. We can also mentor you and your team through continuous professional development with our qualified staff.


Our team are great communicators and will produce presentataions for you and deliver them to your staff. The training is interactive and engaging. It can be delivered at your work place, locally off site or in a conference setting.

SMPL’s training is always bespoke to your business.

Contact us and discover what we can do for you.