Transferable Skills (Or – When Seemingly Unconnected Experiences Can Prove Useful)

There is a lot of fuss made about “Transferable Skills” – especially when it comes to applying for jobs.  What about “Transferable Skills” which – at first sight – appear to be anything but “Transferable” never mind actually being considered to be a “Skill”???

I suppose – what I am trying to ask is what about things which are second nature to one person but have no immediate connection with another group of people who they are trying to talk to about something???

A couple of nights ago I had that exact experience when /i found myself in the middle of a rather heated discussion on Twitter.

It can be quite frustrating when my life experiences are deemed to not to be very useful when it comes to understanding certain situations.  (I am not even talking about the interview question about “adaptability” either.)

In one of my recent blog posts on Inkyworld I explained why I felt I could speak (or should that read “Tweet”) intelligently on a subject which I have no personal experience of – merely based on my experiences of being in a similar situation even though the circumstances were – on the face of it – totally different.

You can read the blog post here – Why Dinosaurs Are Not As Extinct As You Thought We Were

I was actually very surprised when someone else decided to share my blog post on their Facebook page – as well as picking up on one major thought I had stated in it.

I know that there are some instances when people who have no practical experiences of certain jobs should just sit quietly whilst those with the relevant experience argue about the jobs among themselves.  However, sometimes it is a good thing when someone like me comes along and puts a slightly different twist on the discussion.

So – maybe next time you will listen when someone with a “sideways” idea about the topic under discussion speaks up.  After all, whilst their experience may not immediately appear relevant, they may have the solution you are looking for without you realising it.

I remember a Wise Owl telling me that there was no way I could have the same experiences as them – what the Wise Owl didn’t realise was – although they were correct in one sense – it didn’t stop them asking me for advice on the situation they found themself in because I did have experience of it from the other side.

It is not only “Skils” which should be seen as “Transferable” – it is also “Life Experiences”.  If you ask me – “Life Experiences” beat paper qualifications anyway.

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  • Ineke, I agree with you: I do some volunteering but my management skills, search skills and leadership are all non-transferable. This is not a problem but it sometimes feels a bit weary trying to be ‘signed-off’ to say use a personal radio or look for a missing person. Ant thats my rant over!

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