We All Need To Look Out For Each Other

I have just finished updating Inkyworld Blog and I noticed a slight theme running through the posts tonight which I wanted to share with you.

They all have a connection with the word “Setback” – whether or not the setback is (a) intentional or (b) an actual setback or just a setback in your own mind.

As I was thinking about typing this blog post I had some song lyrics playing in my head from a song called “Setback” by my favourite female singer – Kristyna Myles.  The lyrics are as follows;

“I’m here to help you through – your loads are my loads too.  We’re all in this together.”

(If you want to listen to the song click here – “SetBack” by Kristyna Myles.)

We all face all kinds of challenges in our lives (whether or not we choose to share them with the wider world).  I am slowly coming to the conclusion that life becomes slightly easier when we accept each other’s challenges whether or not we actually understand them ourselves.

There may be things we will never understand about someone but all we can do is be a Sounding Board for them if they need it and welcome them without judging them (at least not before we know the whole story).

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