What Veterans Want to be Called

Veterans matter

A twitter poll by our Director Roger Nield has identified that 56% of respondents are comfortable being addressed as Veterans whilst 28% prefer Ex-Services and 16% Don’t Mind. (n=79)

This is important because in veterans circles there has been a debate as to how they self-identify. Many don’t see themselves as Veterans perhaps being too young, not having served overseas of been “shot-over”. However the standard against which they are judged veterans – and can access all the services is “One Paid Day in our Armed Forces”.

Whilst 72% like or don’t mind being called veterans almost all accept that when accessing services they would search under the title “veteran”.

However Veterans often proudly refer to themselves by their ex-Ship/Squadron/Regiment or Corps plus their role.

This is important information for service providers, say in council offices or folks new to veterans services to help them quickly communicate effectively with their ex-service folk. Especially if that veteran is stressed.


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