Why “Branding” Is More Important Than You Might Think!

We have all come across “Brands” in places like supermarkets, etc.  (Did you know that “Brand” in Dutch means “Fire”???)

However, there is another sort of “Branding” which may not be obvious to you – The colour schemes you find on Emergency Service vehicles.

In fact – I got the idea for this blog post from seeing three ambulances as I was on my way home.  For further information click here – The Ambulance Puzzle

You could say I rely on “Branding” more than most people.  After all, it tells me if the motorised vehicle I am attempting to flag down is a Minibus or a Tesco van (yes – I did try to flag one of those down once by mistake – it was dark and the lights on the front looked like a minibus).

So it can be a bit of a problem when there are several Brandings on the same kind of vehicle.  Take – for example – Arriva and their buses of many colours.  Correction – buses of many colour combinations (how many combinations of turquoise and white are there exactly???).

To be perfectly honest it wouldn’t be so bad if the Branding on the buses didn’t change so regularly.  (I would prefer it if they decided to make the Destination Boards big enough for me to read at a distance.)

What I am trying to say is – please find a “Branding” which works for you and stick to it.  Especially if you want me to feel confident about recognising it and associating it with your company.

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